About Us

Welcome to Timber & Cotton

Thank you for visiting our 'About Us' page. Here a little bit about Timber & Cotton!

My name is Nikelle and I am the 'girl boss' behind Timber & Cotton. Timber & Cotton is located in the tropical city of Cairns in sunny Queensland.

Established in mid 2015, Timber & Cotton was created to help with my recovery with depression. There is just something about working with your hands that keeps your mind at ease. Although some days are tough, I can now say that I am in remission (hooray for me).

Timber & Cotton is now home to a HUGE variety of handmade products from some of my favourite girl bosses. It showcases everything I love; handmade, colour, glitter, quirkiness and most of all GIRL POWER.

I hope you enjoy browsing through Timber & Cotton and that it makes you smile.

Please don't hesitate to email me at timberandcotton@gmail.com if you have any enquiries.

Lots of love,

Nikelle :)